Have you been reading about animal testing being approved again? Confused? Horrified?

Understandably, this has been concerning for many of us. We believe no animal should be harmed for the benefit of us wearing a foundation or mascara. But recently there has been a whirlwind of news about the return of animal testing for cosmetics in the UK. So what the hell is going on?

To clear some of this up straight away, it has been and still remains illegal to test cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients on animals for the safety of customers. The UK was the first country to introduce this ban 25 years ago. Let me explain a bit more…

Animal testing and the EU

The confusion comes from an EU ruling passed in 2020 by the European Chemical Agency, making it legal for companies to test chemicals prior to being used in the production of cosmetics, to ensure they are safe for people who are manufacturing the cosmetics.

The UK aligned itself with this ruling despite leaving the EU, which has meant that between 2019 and 2022 some companies have been issued licenses that have allowed them to carry out testing chemicals on animals before production. So to be clear – the testing of ingredients on animals isn’t about the cosmetics, it’s about whether the chemicals are safe for clinicians to work with. Still grim.

The testing includes things like forcing rats to ingest or inhale some of the chemicals used in the production of cosmetics. Really nasty stuff.

However, the UK is now a completely animal testing-free zone

There has been a huge outcry about this, which is encouraging. And on 17 May 2023, Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced that no more licenses shall be issued under this ruling.

If you want a list of brands – beauty or otherwise – that still test on animals, there’s a fairly comprehensive list of baddies here, compiled by Logical Harmony. The list is depressingly long.

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