Skills & Learning

Welcome to our Skills and Learning Section – a realm of creativity and personal development.

Unleash your potential and discover new talents through our diverse array of courses and classes, designed to nurture your skills and expand your horizons. Whether it’s online art or creative writing classes. Or many other options besides.

Engage in the art of self-expression, uncover the mysteries of nutrition and wellbeing, or find your voice in the harmonies of a choir. Our courses not only enrich your skills but also empower you to embrace personal growth and transformation.

And you can join for just £3 per month for up to three months! Cancel any time.

Explore the following skills:

  • Watercolour Painting: Embrace the art of watercolour, creating beautiful and expressive masterpieces.

  • Sketching, Painting, and Drawing: Learn the fundamentals of art and express your imagination through various mediums.

  • Craftwork: Delve into the world of crafts, creating unique and handmade creations that reflect your creativity.

  • Menopause Coaching: Navigate the transformative phase of menopause with expert guidance and support.

  • Journaling: Unlock your innermost thoughts and emotions, as you embark on a profound journey of self-exploration.

  • Creative Writing: Discover the art of storytelling, harnessing your words to weave captivating narratives

  • Calligraphy: Master the graceful art of penmanship, creating beautiful and artistic lettering.

  • Nutrition Classes: Nourish your body with knowledge, as you explore the vital role of nutrition in overall wellbeing.

  • Poetry: Immerse yourself in the beauty of words, using poetry as a medium of self-expression and healing.

  • Choir and Singing Classes: Unleash the power of your voice, harmonizing with others in the joy of music.

  • NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Learn powerful techniques to rewire your mind and transform limiting beliefs.

Step into this realm of exploration and start your transformative skills and learning experience today. Whether it’s online art, or creative writing classes. Singing, NLP, menopause coaching, or craftwork.

Join with Silver for just £3 per month for your first three months. Cancel any time.