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discover the perfect Silver Retreat for you

Retreats are big business these days – but a lot of them seem really similar to us. We understand the appeal of yoga and meditation, but at Silver we like to do things a bit differently. We want you to leave our retreats feeling like you’ve had the time of your life.

So we’re going down a different path. You’ll get your yoga, meditation, and plenty of time to relax, but we’re raising the retreat game.

Silver Retreats might be a chance to experience the height of luxury, or to engage in some adventures. Some will be bathed in serenity and rejuvenation. Others may involve cultural immersion and inspiration, or learning.

We are also looking at themed retreats – say, residential singing workshops, writing retreats, nutrition and cooking retreats, or experiential options like food tasting, storytelling, and stargazing.

Our retreats will be curated to fit with the environment in which they’re held. There are retreats throughout the UK.

Are you craving a break from the daily grind?

Longing for a really inspiring getaway that combines relaxation with excitement and fun? Then we probably have something for you. Stick your details in the form below and as we confirm our events, we’ll be in touch with details. We’ll make sure you get to hear about the retreats first!