Yoga, painting, singing, journaling, exercise, midlife body maintenance! We’ve got it all covered. We are thrilled to work with trusted partner Goldster to bring you online classes and courses to suit every aspect of your learning.

Whether you’re looking to get fit, do more yoga and meditation, learn new skills, improve your health, dance more, or even do art classes, we have something for you. You can see a breakdown of the various types of classes available below.

And you can join for just £3 per month for up to three months! Cancel any time.

Woman doing a plank whilst watching her laptop screen, obviously following a course

The benefits:

  • Live classes every day

  • Provided by trusted partner, Goldster, who have years of experience delivering classes and courses

  • Heaps of options to choose from – health, fitness, food, dance, singing, yoga, breathwork, Pilates… far too many to mention!

  • Delve into deeper learning with six-week courses, as well as the live daily classes

  • Pay one small fee per month and have unlimited access to all this!

  • And just to get you going, we have a special rate – enjoy three months of unlimited access for just £3

  • Cancel any time, no locking you in