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Retreat, refresh, revive, and revel!

In a world where a lot of retreats seem the same, Silver stands apart. We understand the allure of yoga, and meditation, and self-discovery, but we strive to enhance the retreat experience. Prepare for the time of your life.

Whilst still offering the holistic essentials, we elevate the game. Luxury awaits, along with thrilling adventures. Discover tranquillity and rejuvenation in serene havens. Immerse yourself in cultural inspiration, or embark on educational journeys. Discover yourself.

Themed retreats are our speciality – singing workshops, writing getaways, nutrition and cooking immersions, and experiential wonders like food tasting, storytelling, and stargazing. How about learning to live alone again, or making the most of your empty nest?

Every retreat is thoughtfully curated to harmonise with its unique surroundings, spanning captivating locations throughout the UK. Top of the list though, is to enjoy ourselves. Let’s have some fun! Get your Silver on.


Silver burst into life in 2016, created by Sam Harrington-Lowe as a magazine to truly represent GenX and up. Launching as an online magazine, Sam was adamant that high quality, relevant journalism should always be free to read. That was true then, and it’s still true today.

Silver Online offers completely different content to that which you’ll find in the print issues. Inspiring, engaging, and sometimes challenging editorial written by award-winning journalists and writers is posted regularly. Why not grab a coffee, settle into a comfy space, and browse some of the articles…


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