Love our eye gel and toner? Keep your cool with these creative alternatives for using them

We all love a 2-in-1. But what about a 6-in-1? We’ve rounded up all the ways to use our cooling Silver Skincare toner and eye gel so you can get the most out of them and achieve a glowing, hydrated complexion.

Lavender & Lemon Gentle Toner

Our Silver Toner on a white background

Silver Lavender & Lemon Gentle Toner, £18

Traditional toning

Our refreshing toner soothes skin with its natural ingredients. The fresh lemon is brightening, and the calming lavender reduces inflammation. We recommend using the toner as a light cleanse of any lasting impurities. And to tone the skin without any stinging or uncomfortable tightness.

However, this magical skincare product has other uses too.

Ice, ice, baby

Keep it in the fridge overnight to cool you down and wake you up in the morning. Or during a dreaded hot flush or on a generally hot day, take a reusable cotton pad and wipe away sweat and oil. By keeping it in the fridge, the toner is cooling and acts as a cold compress for an instant refreshing relief. This is especially useful to reduce puffiness after a long night on the booze or a large intake of salt.

A couple of drops go a long way, especially if you put some on your pillow during a hot summer night. In fact, all year long, the lavender scent will act as an anxiety reliever and sedative because the linalool, linalyl acetate and camphor it contains interact with the brain to reduce agitation and restlessness.

Slices of lemon and sprigs of lavender on wooden board

Calming and healing

You can also rub some on your temples if you are suffering from a headache. Studies have shown that lavender can alleviate headaches and muscle pain. Even if you are without pain but in need of an afternoon pick me up, put down that fourth cup of coffee and let the zesty lemon and sweet lavender awaken your senses. Because did you know that lavender also supports brain function?

Carry this soothing essence in your bag all day long for moments of calm. Lavender has been proven to provide peace and lift mood, and it even lowers blood pressure – a few drops work wonderfully in a bath or massage oil. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, especially during allergy seasons, wipe this enchanting elixir over any problem areas and let the lavender soothe irritated skin.

Class in a glass

There’s a good reason we have chosen the scents we love for our toner. The 70s saw the creation of Dior’s iconic Diorella eau de toilette, which was inspiration for us. Diorella was created to symbolise the spirit of freedom in 1972. The fresh aromas of lemon are invigorating and the top note of this celebrated scent. Lavender is also a historical scent.

As one of the oldest perfumes used in England, the late Queen Elizabeth also used lavender both as a perfume and in her tea to treat migraines. Dabbing our tonic on your wrists and neck will recreate these classic scents without breaking the bank. It is a restful fragrance with a touch of luxury, and a splash of spirituality.

Pro-Ageing Collagen Eye Gel

Our eye gel against a white background

Pro-Ageing Collagen Eye Gel, £35

Traditional soothing

Our eye gel is packed full of cucumber, collagen, and aloe vera for a brightening and smoothing effect. It brightens bags and softens fine lines to combat signs of fatigue. The pro-ageing (not anti-ageing) gel is rich in vitamins, omega, and antioxidants.

It is the perfect skincare for the delicate eye area. With this product, a little goes a long way. It glides on and absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky residue at all.

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Chilling out

If you feel like getting creative, keep this power-packed product in the fridge for the full cool-as-a-cucumber effect. Acting as a cold compress, it will constrict blood vessels to improve the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. Perfect for the days when your eyes feel hot and itchy from allergies.

Its cooling influence and refreshing cucumber will also help to soothe a painful migraine, or perhaps even replace your Bloody Mary the morning after.

Slices in cucumber in water

H is for hydration, healing, and hello softer skin!

Our eye cream is specially formulated to be exceptionally hydrating, because the skin around our eyes is much more delicate than in other areas. It needs better protection and the perfect properties for healing, much more than what you would get from a high street cream or lotion.

This is also why our cooling Silver Skincare product isn’t just for the eyes. It can be used on other sensitive areas that require some extra TLC. Read on.

The gel contains aloe vera which is great for cooling sore patches of sunburn. The eye cream can also be used on your lips and the surrounding skin for ultimate hydration. As we mature, our lips change – not only are they more inclined to dryness, they also lose some plumpness.

Generally-speaking, your lip balm isn’t going to contain all the goodies – collagen included – that our gel does. Need we say more?

And similar to the skin around our eyes, our cuticles are also sensitive and prone to dryness. Instead of picking at them or neglecting them completely, reach for our eye gel. It will provide additional moisture and give your tips a helping hand.

Finally, let’s face it…

If you struggle with caky makeup, look no further! Mixing a little of our eye cream with your concealer will make it creamier in texture for a smoother application. Not only that, but your makeup will last longer. This technique could help with issues of creasing or flaking. And the cooling aspect might even help tackle the impact of sweating or hot flushes! Who knows?!

Cream spread across white background

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