The brand that Sam built

Meet Sam Harrington-Lowe. You might know her as the founder and editor of Silver Magazine, the pro-ageing champion. Or the life and soul of a party that she’s probably organised herself.

For anyone who hasn’t yet shared a margarita with Sam, here’s how she grabbed life by the glitterballs and built a brand.

Sam had a vision: a magazine for Gen-Xers and beyond

But more than that. She dreamt of creating a Silver community, where ageing was celebrated, not talked about in hushed tones. Where a new Coming of Age is celebrated.

Sam’s been a writer and journalist for over 30 years, and set up her own publishing company 10 years ago. Entrepreneurship for Sam has always been about communication and community, so it’s only natural that she includes event planning in her skillset. She spent two decades conjuring up live experiences whilst also running her own events company. From private parties at Gordon Ramsay’s house, to the multi-million-dollar international launch of a new phone.

Whether it’s publishing, event management, or learning, you’re in safe hands.

Bringing it all together

Silver Lifestyle is the culmination of Sam’s vision. To create a community of like-minded mavericks who know they aren’t finished yet. Whose knowledge brings them joy. Who are happy to let go of the pressures of youth, and live authentic lives. Who honestly couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about them anymore!

Since creating Silver, Sam has pumped her enthusiasm and zest for life into creating a pro-ageing community. She’s watched as other brands moved slowly away from stairlifts and anti-ageing, and edged towards the age of revolution that Silver embodies. Sam is proud to be leading the way, and thrilled to see the change.

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